A Review of Flowers Chic and Cheap

Flowers Chic and CheapIf you are looking for new things to do with your flowers, like arrange them prettily in your house, here’s an excellent book that gives easy ways and beautiful ideas to brighten up your space with simple flower arrangements.

Flowers Chic and Cheap: Arrangements with Flowers Picked from the Market or Backyardis full of unusual yet simple ways to display your blooming beauties.

While the book itself is not necessarily green, you can easily take its suggestions and make them work in a green way, like using only organic flowers, or posies from your yard and garden, or flowers from local farms or Farmer’s Markets.

Even if you don’t have organic options, buying from local gardeners and farmers is greener than buying from a floral shop because you are buying local and supporting the local economy, and local flowers that are not sent to floral shops are often sprayed with less chemicals and pesticides. Plus they don’t have to travel from another city, state or country like many floral shop flowers do.

In Flowers Chic and Cheap, choosing containers to hold your flowers is one way to spice up your flower arrangements. The containers suggested for use in the book, are often items you probably already have lying around. Things like mugs, vases, tea pots, bowls, flower pots, watering cans, Chinese food take out containers, paint cans, and even a trash can.

The more unusual the container the more stunning the arrangement.

I adore the Christmas inspired trash can arrangement on page 218 and 219. The red roses and bright green fuzzy carnations are an amazing display of contrast and give a surprising holiday feel without one single candy cane or Christmas doodad in sight.

There are single stem flowers arranged with multiple bottles to create a beautiful display as found on page 246 and 247.

There are even leafy arrangements, bushy flower designs, simple streamlined elegance and whimsical almost Victorian inspired designs like the peonies in teapots. Honestly no matter what your style you’ll probably find something that suits you.

Disclosure: a review copy of this book was provided by the publisher at no expense to the reviewer

3 thoughts on “A Review of Flowers Chic and Cheap”

  1. Looks like a great book!
    Don’t forget… you can always buy a glass flower frog (to hold the flowers in the vase) at an antique store… it will replace the disposable foam and tape that is used in a lot of flower arrangements!

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