A New Place to Purchase Eco Craft Supplies

While searching the web I came across a new place that sells eco-friendly craft supplies- Eco Green Crafts

They have green glue, acrylic paints, stamps, pigment dyes, recycled paper mache items and more.

The store popped up when I did a “green crafts” search. I was pleasantly surprised to find a newcomer to the word of green craft supplies.

The store doesn’t have a huge selection (yet?) but they have some basics including glue, paint, digital kits, board books, glass glintz, pigment inks and dyes, and artist mediumslike eco clay, artist spackle, gloss artist medium and matte artist medium.

Their prices seem reasonable so it is a place I plan to try out. I hope they get more of the recycled paper mache shapes as right now all they have is a bird on a pedestal. I’d like a dress form paper mache to work with. I spotted one at Michael’s one day but didn’t get it.

Eco Green Crafts was founded by Julia Andrus, an author, TV moderator, product development specialist, wife, mother, grandmother, and cancer survivor who is “on a mission is to protect workers, artists, crafters, and kids from the potentially harmful effects of dangerous chemicals and materials often found in everyday arts supplies.”

I applaud the effort and hope the business is a success. I know I’ll be shopping there.

3 thoughts on “A New Place to Purchase Eco Craft Supplies”

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  2. Jessica Marie

    Awesome!! Thank you for sharing. I'm excited – it's great that places like this are popping up more.

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