5 Sensory Activities for Busy Toddlers

5 Sensory Activities for Busy Toddlers

5 Sensory Activities for Busy Toddlers

Sensory activities are great for kids and for parents: your child gets to have fun and learn while you get a few minutes of quiet time.

Experiencing all of those new smells, textures and colors helps your child’s development. Kids also tend to get engrossed in sensory play, so you can maybe sneak in a quiet cup of coffee. Everybody wins with sensory activities!

I know, I’m always talking about sneaking in a cup of coffee. You probably think that I spend all day avoiding my kid! The truth is, I love playing with my guy. We read, sing songs, color, build towers with blocks, and are working our way through every playground in the Atlanta area. After all of that hard playing, we both need some quiet time. It’s hard for a toddler to shift gears, and sensory activities like these help them focus that energy while giving everyone a little break. Then you can get back to blocks and swings and slides!

5 Sensory Activities for Toddlers

5 Sensory Activities for Busy Toddlers

1. Moon Sand

Moon sand feels gritty and powdery until you apply pressure. It’s crumbly, but you can also shape it. My 18-month-old likes it best right now when I make shapes, and he breaks them up with his hands or with a spoon.

5 Sensory Activities for Busy Toddlers

2. Nature Play Box

Rainy days can be the hardest on those energetic toddlers! I know that my kid gets really antsy if we can’t hit a playground in the morning. He brings me me shoes and says, “Bye bye!” Creative sensory activities like this can help bored kiddos focus some of that energy.

5 Sensory Activities for Busy Toddlers

3. Clean the Rocks

This activity calls for a sand or sensory table, but two large metal or plastic mixing bowls will work just as well. Choose a shaving foam that’s free of toxic ingredients, since your kid is going to get the stuff all over himself!

5 Sensory Activities for Busy Toddlers

4. Aromatherapy Play Dough

Play dough is a fun sensory activity on its own, but add yummy essential oils, and you add a whole extra level of sensory experience. You can even choose essential oils with specific properties to benefit your child’s health or mood.

5 Sensory Activities for Busy Toddlers

5. Zipper Board

Does your kid love opening your purse? And closing it. And opening it. And closing it. Channel that curiosity while you bust your crafty stash.

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