17 Nature Crafts for Spring

Nature Crafts for Spring

Nature Crafts for Spring

Spring is my favorite season to decorate for, because I am just so darn happy that it’s finally here!

Don’t head to the store for a bunch of stuff to help your house look more spring-like, because nature is on your side. Check out the list below of my favorite nature crafts for spring, and get ready for warm weather!

Window Bird Feeder1. bird feedersMake the migrating birds feel welcome in their seasonal home!

2. decorative bird’s nestUsing real twigs, this decorative bird’s nest would be a fun project for a whole classroom of kids.

3. felt flower wreathUse wool felt for the flowers to make this a natural craft; if you don’t use wool felt, then substitute Eco-fi recycled felt.

4. flower butterflyIt’s also a suncatcher!

5. flower head printableIf you need to keep kids occupied during a hike, have them collect flowers and leaves and let them make these cute flower heads when you’re back at your campsite.

6. gardenStart now before you get bored. Here’s how!

7. mandala artHere’s a fun excuse to get outside. If you make this in the garden, it might even stick around!

8. maple seed dragonfliesWhen I was a kid, we’d call these seeds “helicopters,” for obvious reasons. Catch a few of these helicopters this spring and make yourself a dragonfly!

9. maple seed butterfliesThis is a work of art that you’ll want to keep on display year-round.

10. mud paintIt’s raining, right? Feel free to let the kids get messy!

11. nature scavenger huntCustomize it just for spring, and then set your kids loose with it.

12. painted wood slicesPut all those branches that fell in your yard over winter to work!

13. pine cone lambThis lamb is adorable and all-natural! If you don’t want to use a cotton ball, you can substitute wool roving.

14. pine cone zinniasIf you have leftover pine cones from your fall collecting, it’s time to use them up. You can get more in a few months.

15. popcorn blossomsCut out a piece of cardboard to use instead of a paper plate for this project–the rest of the materials are eco-friendly!

16. tulip potato printsIs there any end to the adorable prints that you can make from potatoes?!?

17. willow ballSpring is a great time to craft with willow branches, although you can find supple ones all season.

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