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Published on July 13th, 2016 | by Julie Finn


17 Shark Crafts

Shark Crafts

Sharks are the coolest. I mean, you know that, right? Even with their role as the villain in, like, every ocean-related blockbuster other than Titanic, they are 100% the coolest, most amazing, most beautiful ocean animals.

If you ever let me pin you down at a cocktail party, I can bore you with plenty of shark facts to prove this well-studied opinion. I’m happy to pull up the 14 living orders of Chondrichthyans on my phone so we can browse their tree of life together. Or I can show you my favorite shark research and conservation group’s shark tagging project that lets you follow the trail of a real shark in real time–I follow Finley!

Or, you know, since this is a green crafting website, I could just show you a bunch of really cool shark crafts!

Whether you love sharks (and rays, because they’re related!) as deeply as I do, or you’re just swimming along with us like a pilot fish swims along with a white tip shark, check out the list of eco-friendly shark crafts below. Some are great for kids, some are fun for parties, some you can wear, and they’re all pretty excellent for celebrating our oily-livered friends (ie. sharks, in case you didn’t know that about them. Oil is less dense than water, so the oily liver is one of the things that helps sharks stay buoyant):

1. clothespin sharkHere’s a cute craft that even young kids can make.

2. crocheted sharkIt’s kind of the cutest thing ever.

3. cucumber sharkCucumber shark wants to swim around your veggie tray!

4. Feed the SharkUpcycle a plastic bottle into this fun game for kids.

5. LEGO sharkIf you’re looking for a no-waste craft, consider LEGOs! You can make these sharks, enjoy them mightily, then take them apart to make something else when you’re done.

6. newspaper sharkYou’ll be surprised at how realistic the newspaper actually looks as shark skin.

7. shark attack cupcakesThey’re vegan and gluten-free!

8. shark bottle cozyThis cozy shark just wants to keep your beer cold.

9. shark fin cookiesYou probably already have the cookie cutters that you need to make these shark fin cookies–you just don’t know it!

10. shark costumeUse it for Halloween, or just for dress-up.

11. shark hoodie. With this tute, you can turn any hoodie into a shark hoodie.

12. shark pencil caseI love how the zipper makes the shark’s teeth look shiny and sharp.

13. shark snuggle sackThis is way cooler than the mermaid tail snuggle sack, but you should probably make both, just to compare.

14. shark soapPut your kid’s tiny shark toys to work in this melt-and-pour soap.

shark crafts15. toilet paper tube sharkHere’s an upcycling project that kids will LOVE!

16. watermelon sharkThis will be a hit at your next party.

17. wire-wrapped shark toothEven if you’re not an ace at jewelry making, you can still make this awesome pendant.

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2 Responses to 17 Shark Crafts

  1. Shannon says:

    Hi Julie,

    Thank you so much for sharing all of these amazing ideas. One of my closest friends has birthday next week and wire-wrapped shark tooth necklace sounds like the perfect gift. This is something she would really appreciate (especially when hand made). Thanks again for shar(k)ing 🙂


  2. My little cousin will love this! He’s obsessed with sharks! (Even got a tiny one for his aquarium once!)

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