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Published on May 31st, 2014 | by Becky Striepe


Finding Green Craft Supplies When You Need to Buy New

Finding Green Craft Supplies When You Have to Buy New

Need to find green craft supplies? This is a list of eco-alternatives to many common conventional craft supplies.

In my estimation, there are two kinds of green craft supplies: the ones you pull out of the recycle bin or trash can and the ones you buy at the store. Obviously, the first kind always wins in a “Who’s Greenest?” deathmatch, but I don’t think that means we can completely ignore that latter category.

We want green crafting to be accessible to folks who maybe don’t think of a toilet paper roll as a craft supply yet, right? The craft supplies below are all new materials that you can buy instead of their conventional counterparts.

This is by no means an all-encompassing list, so let’s keep it going! What craft supplies have you stumped? We’d love to help you find a green alternative! You can drop a comment below or send us an email through the comments field. If you’re a company that makes green craft supplies, we’d also love to try out your product for possible inclusion on this list. Let’s talk green crafts!

Green Craft Supplies

Krylon H2O

Let’s be honest: spray paint is key for getting even coverage or painting things that don’t want to take paint. Krylon H2O is a water-based alternative to conventional spray paints.

Zero VOC Paint

Indoor house paint works great for lots of crafty projects, but conventional house paints tend to be loaded with toxic Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCS) that are linked to all sorts of ickiness, including cancer. Most hardware stores now offer low- or zero-VOC paints, so check the label! And don’t miss our review of Olympic Icon Zero VOC Paint & Primer!

Organic Cotton or Hemp

Conventional cotton is a human rights disaster. Clear your conscience with beautiful organic cotton instead! There are so many brands out there now, even ones that give conventional cotton a run for its money in the price department. If your local fabric store doesn’t carry organic cotton, try Etsy. I have found many sellers on there offering organic cotton, hemp and organic cotton/hemp blends in a range of designs, colors, and prices.

Organic Ribbon

Do you need a lot of ribbon to make a project look consistent? Choose organic cotton ribbon instead of synthetic (aka: plastic) or conventional cotton. I’m a fan of May Arts organic ribbon. You can check out my review of their product here.


Most white glue is non-toxic, but stronger adhesives are usually packed with toxic VOCs. Before you grab a bottle of superglue, give EcoGlue a try. We have not tested Ecoglue on heavy duty projects, but you can see how it stacks up to other white glues here.

Hemp Twine

Baker’s twine is usually made from dirty conventional cotton, but you can still do all of the cute baker’s twine crafts your heart desires. Just choose sustainable hemp twine instead! Check out our hemp twine review here.

Canson XL Drawing Pads

If you’re an artist, a blank drawing pad is a must. Don’t worry! Canson makes high-quality pads with 30% recycled paper for all of your drawing and sketching needs. Read our Canson XL Drawing Pads review!

Earth Paint

Kick regular tempera paint to the curb and let your kids get creative with these natural pigments instead! Here’s our review of Earth Paint. Sorry, guys! The giveaway is closed. 🙂

Wooden Crayon Sharpener

Make your kid’s crayons last longer with a wood and cardboard crayon sharpener that works better than its crappy plastic counterpart. Don’t miss our review!

Sustainable Yarn

If you knit or crochet, choosing sustainable yarns is key. Ditch the acrylic (which is really glorified plastic) and skip the conventional cotton. Check out our guide to sustainable yarns instead.

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