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Published on April 15th, 2014 | by Becky Striepe


Spotted: How to Dye Fabric with Tea

How to Dye Fabric with Tea

Got some plain fabric handy? Check out how to dye fabric with tea for a natural, earthy look.

We love natural fabric dyes around here, so I was intrigued when I ran across this tutorial from the Textile Arts Center on how to dye fabric with tea. The tutorial author uses a really cool, non-toxic resist technique along with the tea-dyeing to create really cool patterns on her fabric. You can do the resistance thing or just straight up tea-dye your fabric.

To tea-dye your fabric, you will need:

  • black tea
  • undyed or light-colored fabric
  • pot with boiling water
  • tongs

If you want to make patterns, you’ll also need:

  • non-toxic white glue and paintbrushes
  • sponge and dish soap

Ready to dye some fabric? Click here for the tutorial!

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