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Published on February 4th, 2013 | by Julie Finn


How-to: DIY Body Glitter from Healthy Ingredients

DIY body glitter

Need some sparkle? DIY body glitter takes just seconds to make, is perfectly customizable, and works even better than expensive, store-bought body glitter with freaky ingredients.

And, by using the secret ingredient that you probably already have in your cupboard as the base agent, your body glitter not only won’t be freaky, but will actually be healthy for your skin.

Here’s how to make it:

ingredients for DIY body glitter

To make body glitter, you need glitter, small upcycled containers, and aloe vera gel.

To make your DIY body glitter, you will need:

  • small upcycled containers: Empty lip balm jars are a good size, as are these empty mineral pigment jars that I’m using. Small pump bottles will also work for this project.
  • aloe vera gel: Pure aloe vera gel is the perfect base for body glitter–it stays just a teensy bit tacky even after it’s applied, so the glitter will stay on for a LONG time! Plus, aloe vera gel is good for you, so I’m happy to see my girls rub it into their skin when they apply their body glitter. I know the gel looks green in the bottle, but it won’t be green on your skin.
  • glitter: Here’s where your project is really going to sparkle! DIY body glitter is so much better than store-bought, because you have so many more options for glitter in your homemade product. Course glitter? Fine glitter? White glitter? Rainbow glitter? It’s up to you!

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6 Responses to How-to: DIY Body Glitter from Healthy Ingredients

  1. Tina says:

    This is really exciting! We bought some glitter body powder a while ago from a tiny little herbal shop, but one can never have enough ways to spread glitter all over the body.


    • Julie Finn says:

      I’ve also found a place where you can buy “cosmetics grade glitter”––although I haven’t yet figured out how my Joann’s brand assorted glitter set specifically differs from something labelled “cosmetics grade.” Glitter isn’t absorbed by the skin, and shouldn’t be contaminated with heavy metals regardless of what it’s for, but craft glitter probably isn’t hypoallergenic?

  2. Parecha says:

    I Don’t Have any glitter mum won’t take me shopping so how can i get some glitter.i know how to make glitter but my mum won’t let me use the oven.can you help me if you can.

  3. Lois says:

    Cosmetic grade is made of polyester is cut in the shape of an octagon size .008

  4. # says:

    I’m going to a music festival on new years and was wondering if this would last all night or if i would have to reapply mid way through the night?

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