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Published on August 26th, 2011 | by Karen Lee


Crafty Ideas for Non-Recyclable Plastic Bottle Caps

bottle cap rainbow
Wouldn’t it be awesome to have this collection as wall art?

I posted about an artist who uses PET plastic bottles to make bowls yesterday and it made me think about what to do with all those UN-recyclable caps so that they don’t end up in the landfill.

These plastic caps are NOT recyclable which is another reason why you shouldn’t buy plastic bottles or paper cartons that use these caps. But if you have to buy them and end up with these caps, you can use them in crafts! Here are some clever ideas for making crafts just with bottle caps.

[Image used with permission from BettyJoDesigns]

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  • Sunshine Taurus

    how good does it get..
    fantastic job!!

  • al

    The soap dish is so cute ! I’m going to make one for my older sister who’s moving into her own apartment soon!

    • Karen

      She’ll have the driest soap in the building! Seriously, it’s a great way to use up the caps while keeping her soap dry. Have fun making it!

  • guest

    Love all the ideas for recycled bottlecaps.  I think I would glue them onto a piece of plexi glass, cut to the measurements of my bathroom window, and use as a privacy screen.  Would be pretty, and private while letting in the sunshine. 

    • Karen

      Awesome idea! You’ll be surrounded with rainbow colors when taking a bath. 

  • http://middleofthemitten.blogspot.com/ Mitten Mom

    We put letters on our milk caps and use them to learn spelling words, spell names, make up spelling games. We also made a matching travel game with them. Two of each sticker on the top turn over to match.

  • Erica Haack

    I used some today to make some stamps for my two-year-old son. I glued/applied some small foam stickers to the outer side (the top) of several lids and then hot glued a small wooden spool to the inside to make a small handle. Once the glue dried, we had fun using the new stamps with different colored inks to stamp some paper sacks to use for Christmas wrapping paper!!

  • Wendy

    Actually, plastic bottle tops are recyclable. You can recycle them at Whole Foods.

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