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Published on June 20th, 2011 | by Julie Finn


Giveaway: Win an Artterro Eco-Friendly Art and Craft Kit

Arterro bubble wand kitYou know how much my own kiddos loved their Artterro Eco-Friendly Art and Craft Kits.

Artterro kits use high-quality materials sourced in environmentally ethical ways, with eco-friendly recycled packaging done in the United States and assembled by workers from Goodwill Industries. And now you can win your own Artterro craft kit!

There are four possible ways to enter, and you can do all four:

Simply comment on this blog post for one entry–don’t forget to enter your correct email address into the comment form! It won’t be visible in your comment, but it’s the only way that the blog admins can send Artterro the winning email address.

Like Artterro on Facebook, then comment on this blog post to say that you Like Artterro, for a second entry.
Artterro wool felt bug kit
Like Crafting a Green World on Facebook, then comment on this blog post to say that you like CAGW, for a third entry.

Finally, if you have a blog, blog about this giveaway, linking to it, and then comment on this blog post to say that you did, for entry number four!

Make sure that each entry has its own comment on this blog post, or the random number generator won’t count it.

Entries close on Friday night at midnight, and check back with Crafting a Green World bright and early on Sunday morning to see my post announcing the name of the winner.

Good luck!

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  • G Brandolino

    I hope to win this giveaway!

  • G Brandolino

    I like artterro!

  • G Brandolino

    I like CAGW!

  • Teresa Hodek

    Sounds like great stuff!

  • rain harbison

    I love their stuff. It’s so nice to have eco friendly art alternatives for our kids (and those of us who are still kids at heart!).

  • rain harbison

    I liked Artterro on FB!

  • rain harbison

    I had previously like CAGW on Fb, does this still count? I did share this article on Fb too :)

  • Smcgow2004

    I like Crafting a Green World on FB!

  • Smcgow2004

    I like Artterro on FB!

  • Smcgow2004

    We would love to win this!

  • Lisa W.

    Would love it :]

    Liked both pages on facebook too

  • lousomers

    Would love it to share with my grandkids – ages 4 & 9.

  • Hope200

    I liked Crafting a Green World on FB.

  • Rachel Smith

    These look like so much fun!  Hmm…to save for my daughter or share with my nieces?

  • Hope200

    I liked Artterro on Facebook.

  • Hope200

    Thanks for having this Artterro giveaway on your blog! I teach art K-8 and this would be an awesome art award for someone!

  • Kaotickrafter

    I check out the site and I love all of them!!! I would especially love the wool painting one, but I think my daughter would choose other wise :)

  • Hope200

    I added a link and post to my blog about your site!
    Thanks for the fun Artterro giveaway!

  • GM

    This would be a great win for us to keep up with our home art this summer- thanks for the giveaway!

  • GM

    I liked Artterro on FB.

  • GM

    I liked CAGW on FB.

  • Carmen

    What a great giveaway. I guess I’d forgotten that Goodwill makes products -and doesn’t just raise money through their second-hand stores.

  • Emily Flippin Maruna

    I’d love to win!

  • Emily Flippin Maruna

    I already LIKE CGW on fb

  • Zoe Kyklos

    Super cute!

  • Zoe Kyklos

    I like Artterro on Facebook!

  • Zoe Kyklos

    I like CAGW on Facebook!

  • DeniseMChar

    Love this idea!

  • DeniseMChar

    Liked CAGW

  • DeniseMChar

    Like Artterro

  • Kayte Young

    this is a great review, and certainly makes me want to try out the craft kits.

  • Marsha

    Those Artterro kits look fabulous! My six-year-old artist would love one.

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  • Laurentotaro

    I have been considering purchasing one of their crafts and i would be delighted to try it out!

  • Laurentotaro

    I liked Arterro on FB!

  • Laurentotaro

    I liked CAGW on fb!

  • jennybookworm

    My two daughters would love to get their hands on one of these kits (ok, their mom would too!!)

  • jennybookworm

    I ‘liked’ Artterro on Facebook

  • Nichole

    Thanks for hosting this – would love to win!

  • Nichole

    I like CAGW facebook page.

  • Cornelia

    The Artterro kits are the best! My boys would love to receive another one :-)


  • Renee C

    These kits look great! I think my kids would love them.

  • Stephanie

    My 5 year old would love to play with this kit!

  • office 2007 key

    if you have a blog, blog about this giveaway, linking to it, and then comment on this blog 

  • Eva June

    I like Arterro. I really like ways to craft that are earth friendly!

  • Dony

    I would love to win this kit for my little girl. thanks for the opportunity.

  • camilledrayton

    I would LOVE to win this giveaway! (

  • camilledrayton

    I Like Artterro, for a second entry

  • camilledrayton

    I like CAGW, for a third entry

  • Msroper36

    My girls would totally dig this!

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