Savers Thrift Stores Offer Step by Step Instructions for DIY Wedding Decor

Savers Thrift Stores have put thrifty shopping in a whole new light with their ideas for fun DIY wedding and entertaining projects that can be adjusted for any theme and color scheme.

What a great way to show people that they can take used items and create beautiful and fun decor for weddings and other events.

Savers thrift stores and crafting expert Blair Stoker, from the crafting blog Wisecraft, joined together to create weddings tips and project guides for DIY minded brides to be:

“From boutonnieres to ‘thank you’ gifts, anyone can create the perfect look for the perfect day with these projects found on”

DIY wedding projects are the perfect way for brides to save money and add their own flair to their big day. These projects show that they can do that without going over budget or sacrificing style.

Brides who are looking to create decor on a budget can find all the treasures they need at thrift stores like Savers. You never know what you may come across: fun fabrics, vintage tableware, bright buttons, beautiful baubles, fancy vases, funky jewelry and more. All of which can be used in DIY decorating projects.

The projects above were created to show budget savvy brides how to transform these thrift stores goods into beautiful and unique decor.

A full list of instructions and images of each project can be found here.

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