Making Old Furniture New Again


Walking around my neighborhood I’ve noticed that it must be moving season. Old couches, tables, and chairs are strewn about the alleys making a DIY paradise. With a little love and elbow grease, you can give these discarded pieces a fresh start!

  • Over at Popular Mechanics, they show you how to fix little problems on an otherwise great piece of furniture.
  • This great video shows you the process of refinishing a discarded desk.
  • Reupholstering a dining room or sitting chairs is probably one of the easiest projects to undertake. Over on the Dummies site, they show you just how easy it is!
  • I love the look of antique doors turned into headboards. On Self Sufficient Urbanite you’re given a step-by-step process of how to do just that.
  • Finally, Threadbanger has a great video of doing a simple refinish on an end table. This process would work for many pieces of wood furniture and it shows you that even if you live in an apartment you can still do some furniture face lifts.

Giving old furniture a face lift can be a fun and rewarding project. Most pieces just need a little TLC to make them new again.  Have you done any furniture face lifts or transformations? I’d love to see some pictures and get some great ideas. Feel free to leave them in the comments!

[Image by Patrick Q via Flickr Creative Commons]

3 thoughts on “Making Old Furniture New Again”

  1. I have turned an old maple gun case into a curio cabinet.

    and I have two antique ” waterfall ” mirror dressers that I recycled into craft and sewing supply storage. Replaced the glass mirror with a shelf unit including glass doors, only one is complete.

  2. Great post with wonderful resources. There is nothing better than finding a unique piece of furniture on the street and fixing it up. I have a few pieces in my basement ready to go now. I once found a table with all four chairs abandoned by a mover, it is now a red game table in our family room and it looks like it was purchased to be the perfect fit there! All it took was a bit of time and some paint.

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