Green Crafts Around the Web

Looking for fun green crafts to keep you or the kids busy this summer? I know I do. So, I searched the web for a few fun, funky and stylish green crafts.

Here’s what I found:

Country Living Magazine’s website has some really cute and clever ways to reuse and repurpose items you have lying around the house.

One of my favorites is the old jewelry they transform into magnets.

Another is how they turned old button up shirts into pillows. Very stylish.

A storage solution craft they show is the jelly jar shelf– perfect for your craft or sewing room. My husband actually uses this idea in his workshop. He has all kinds of jar lids screwed into his shelves and the rafters of the basement to store nuts, bolts, screw, drill bits and other small items.

Planet Green has 16 green crafts to do with your kids. Worm farms and rain sticks make the list.

Espirit Cabane is an online green craft magazine that has some interesting recycled craft ideas. I think their most interesting are their paint recipes.

They teach you how to make paint with olive oil, potatoes, and one recipe make paint from cottage cheese. Some of the recipes are a little complex or require too many ingredients for me, especially when I can go down the road and buy already mixed eco-friendly paint. But hey if you’re the adventurous type, you might enjoy a little bit of paint mixing. has a list of eco-crafts you can make. A fun and funky one is the tie upholstered switch plate. Use an old tie to upholster a light switch cover- wild.

That’s a good list to get you started on your summer craftiness. Have fun. I’m off to find some funky old jewelry to turn into magnets.

3 thoughts on “Green Crafts Around the Web”

  1. IIIIIIIIIII ASOLUTELY looovee this idea. been doing it for years! just displays all my cutest nik-naks that i seem to collect each year

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