Five Natural Craft Projects to Create with Beeswax

rolled beeswax candleIf you like to eat honey, then I bet that you’d like to craft with beeswax. With its sweet honey scent, beeswax is a pleasant and versatile craft material suitable for a variety of natural craft projects, many of them alternatives to other craft projects that use petroleum-based materials.

Although in my family, we’ve been known to buy a block of beeswax just to sit on a shelf and look pretty (and be sniffed every time someone walks by it), we also adore these following five beeswax craft projects. Read on to check them out for yourself:

lantern made from beeswax and pressed flowersFor a natural alternative to the tin can lantern, check out this beautiful beeswax lantern tutorial from morning sun rae.

Although the project works as originally presented, be sure to read the entire post before you begin–morning sun rae has helpfully edited this tutorial to include suggestions and modifications gathered from commentors.

[The image on this page is the property of morning sun rae.]

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  1. Thanks for the mention! We’ve had our snack bags all year and they’re still going strong. I’m really pleased with how well the beeswax cloth keeps the food from drying out and wears so well!

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