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  • How to Repaint Wicker Baskets

    The Upcycled Home: Eighteen Wicker Basket Makeovers

    Don’t let a wicker basket’s unfortunate appearance blind you to how versatile it can be for containing and organizing your clutter in an attractive way. Read on for a selection of easy tutorials that remake, remodel, and otherwise transform any ugly wicker basket into the perfect home accessory. More

  • How to Repaint Wicker Baskets

    How to Transform Wicker Baskets with Paint

    Painting a wicker basket is a super quick project that makes a big change in the overall look of your room. And when you get tired of your current color scheme, repainting that basket is just as quick and easy! More

  • Vat Dye Silk

    14 Techniques to Paint and Dye Silk Fabric

    It can be tricky to think of ways to paint or dye silk fabric, if you’ve mostly worked with cotton, linen, or other plant-fiber fabrics before. You probably already know that silk takes dye differently, but how differently? Can you paint it? Transfer images to it? Dye it multiple colors?  More

  • Darned Socks

    Two Dozen Ways to Upcycle Socks That Have Lost Their Mates

    Fortunately, that mate-less sock doesn’t have to live the rest of its life alone in my Socks Sans Partners basket, only to eventually be tossed out, years later, when I’ve finally admitted the truth to myself. There are SO many cute ways to upcycle orphaned socks. More

  • How to Darn a Sock

    How to Darn a Sock

    A well-made sock can stand up to a lot of wear, and when a hole does finally work its way through, then you can darn that sock to make it even better than it was when it was new. More

  • Upcycled Greeting Cards

    16 DIY Greeting Cards Made from Upcycled Materials

    I love how depending on the technique and level of detail, a DIY greeting card can be quick and easy or methodical and precise, and look super awesome either way. I love how easy it is to incorporate upcycled or natural materials or found objects. More

  • DIY Drapes from Bedsheets

    15 DIY Curtains and Window Coverings for an Eco-Friendly Makeover

    There are huge environmental and economic benefits to covering your windows with curtains. You conserve energy when you insulate even energy-efficient windows with another layer or two, and if your windows are older, the energy conservation is even more extreme. With that energy conservation comes concrete savings on your energy bills. It’s a win-win situation! More

  • Howdy Gadget Cases by Yvonne (bijoux & crafts) via CC BY 2.0

    It’s Your Job to End the Reign of Craft Vinyl

    Vinyl as a product has been around for decades, and vinyl as a craft supply has been around for nearly as long. It’s the popularity and affordability of computerized die-cut machines, however, that has really brought craft vinyl into popularity. With a die-cut machine, it’s simple to create a perfect graphic from crafty vinyl, requiring only weeding and adhesion to make a complete product. More

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