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  • Ink Scribbles in an Altered Book

    Four Methods to Prepare the Pages of an Altered Book

    Altering a book to use as a journal requires more than just scoring the perfect ancient tome. After you do a price check to make sure you’re upcycling trash, not destroying a national treasure, you have to physically prepare the book to receive your art, writing, and ephemera. More

  • Handmade Stationery

    Is Your DIY Envelope Mailable? Here are the USPS Guidelines for Handmade Envelopes

    My personal rule of thumb these days is that the more I love my letter and want it to reach its destination, the more standard I make the envelope. If you’re just playing around with some fun, low-stakes pieces, feel free to experiment with your most creative choices. If you really want your piece to arrive safely and on time, however, make you DIY envelopes just a *little* bit creative. More

  • Upcycled Tights Hair Ties

    DIY Dancer: Upcycled Hair Ties Made from Tights

    If you, too, are beholden to a continually evolving set of brand-new tights all year, every year, this little hack won’t cure your heartbreak, but it might make you feel maybe 3% better, at least if you or someone you love also has hair that occasionally needs to be tied back. More

  • Fast Fashion kill das klima via Stefan Muller CC2.0

    Why Shein Sucks, and What You Should Wear Instead

    But alas, Shein is yet another imported fast fashion outlet, even more insidiously unsustainable than the other imported fast fashion outlets. 

    So if Shein is so unsustainable, why is it so popular, especially with young adults who should know better? More

  • The Second-Hand Wedding Dress, and Other Eco-Friendly Wedding Choices

    Want to have a meaningful wedding that doesn’t cater to the multi-billion-dollar wedding industry? Want to have a personalized wedding that celebrates your love as well as the ethical standards that guide your life? Want to wear and decorate with and eat and share only things you love, and that love the Earth? More

  • 2-Liter Plastic Bottle Hanging Planters

    Leaning into the Discomfort, Part Two: 2-Liter Bottle Hanging Planters

    I LOVE the hanging planters that these plastic bottles create. They’re extremely light, so I don’t have to worry about overburdening the curtain rods that I hang a million plants and suncatchers and other dangly things from. They’re self-watering, so I can leave them without worry when I travel, and the water reservoirs are transparent, so I can see when I need to refill them. More

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