11 Disposable Coffee Cup Crafts

Disposable Coffee Cup Crafts

Even if you’re careful and eco-conscious, every now and then you probably use a disposable coffee cup.

Here’s what that has done to our planet:

Disposable Coffee Cup Crafts

Obviously, the best solution is to use re-usable cups instead of disposable coffee cups, but if the odd one comes your way, then the next best solution is to upcycle it in such a way that it is removed from the waste stream for as long as possible.

Here, then, are a few disposable coffee cup crafts for you. The next time you’re face with that disposable coffee cup, check here before you trash it, and see if there’s a new life that you can give it instead!

11 Disposable Coffee Cup Crafts

1. desk organizerThis would come in especially handy for artists, or other people who use a lot of pens.

2. drag racing cupsGot a kid and a rainy day? Make this fun project with them and boost their STEM skills!

3. keychainThis project uses just the logo or an interesting design from your favorite shop’s disposable coffee cup, but it turns it into an enduring charm.

4. paint holdersIf you’re a fan of fancy coffee drinks AND you’ve got small kids, these frappucino cups turned no-spill paint holders will be a life-saver.

5. plant pot. This one could actually look quite cute, when made from the special holiday cups that some stores use. Just poke a hole in the bottom of the cup for drainage, fill with potting soil, and add a plant and a small dish at the bottom to catch excess water. Alternately, add a couple of inches of rocks to the bottom of the cup and forget the hole and dish. If you use a holiday cup, then you’ve got the perfect Christmas present!

6. scrapbook album coverThis might be my favorite project on the entire list. Not only are these albums gorgeous, but their usage ensures that the disposable coffee cups are removed from the waste stream indefinitely.

7. Sharpie artEmbellish the heck out of a plain disposable coffee cup, then use it to hold your change or your keys.

8. sphere lampIf your workspace has a coffee machine and disposable cups, get everyone to save their cups for you (and convince them to switch to re-usable mugs).

9. tissue pop-upThis is the perfect tissue holder to keep in the car when you’ve got the sniffles, since it sits perfectly in your car’s cup holder.

10. toy binocularsTwo disposable coffee cups and some paint are all you need to make your kid’s new favorite toy. If you don’t have coffee cups, though, you can also use toilet paper tubes!

11. vaseYou’ll need a Styrofoam cup and some experimentation to make this disposable coffee cup vase, but it would certainly make an interesting art project!

Photo credit: Waste Mountain image via eCo2 Greetings

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  1. Some good suggestions, thanks. I live in London and the disposable cup waste drives me insane, so great to pick up some ideas. It is kind of ironic that the adverts popping up on this page are links to buy disposable coffee cups off Amazon. Would be great if you could partner with ethical companies/products for advertising?

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