How-to: Beautiful Butterfly Wings Upcycled from Wire Hangers and Old Clothes

butterfly wings made from upcycled wire hangersThere are two good ways to put fastenings onto your butterfly wings. You could sew a length of elastic into a loop, and fasten the middle of the loop to the middle of the butterfly wings, or you could sew two lengths of ribbon onto the middle of the wings. Elastic will allow a child to put the wings on by herself, but ribbon is more adjustable and leads to a better overall fit. These particular wings are for my little daughter’s fashion runway debut (don’t ask), and so I’ve sewn ribbon onto them, so that I can tie the wings onto her in such a way that it won’t mar the look of her runway outfit.

And no, the wings don’t actually help you to fly, but they certainly don’t hurt, either!

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  2. Great stuff! I have one suggestion–it would be great if all your awesome descriptions came with pictures for visual learners like me. I would appreciate it!

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