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10 Burlap Craft Projects

Don’t you just love burlap? It’s eco-friendly, cheap (sometimes even free!), and gives any project a bit of Earthy, shabby chic appeal. There are lots of fun ways that you can incorporate burlap into your crafty endeavors! Here are some tips on finding burlap and a list of burlap craft projects to help kickstart your crafting.

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How-to: Make a Burlap Sunglasses Case

Instead of buying new, I decided whip up a sunglasses case using supplies that were already in my craft room. Hurrah! This case was a surprise, so those are my giant, white sunglasses in the photos. He wears pretty big glasses, too, so I modeled the size on my huge pair. If you wear less chunky sunglasses, you might want to size this sunglasses case tutorial down a bit to accommodate, so they’ll fit snugly.

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