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  • Reminder: Submit to the Carnival of Green Crafts

    The fifth Carnival of Green Crafts is Thursday here at Crafting A Green World.  If you’re going to submit a post, why not do it today?  If you’re not, why not? Details here, or submit a post through the submission form. Previous editions of the Carnival of Green Crafts: First Carnival of Green Crafts Second […] More

  • Mandala Mania!

    Some of you may already be aware of the craze that is sweeping the Feudal lands. I am sure your masters and lords have taken the time to inform you, toiling serfs, of an art form delicate in its composition, fantastic in its successful rendition, and so green that burying it within your rice paddies […] More

  • Fabulous Fabrics: GreenSage Store

    GreenSage bills itself as a store for “sustainable building and furnishing.”  As part of that identity, they sell a number of natural, organic, and hemp fabrics – including the 100% hemp print you see here, which unfortunately for the hobby crafter is $50 per yard. Several times I’ve thought about whether to include a fabric […] More

  • Yarn Round-Up

    Inspired by Skye’s look back at all the Fabulous Fabrics she’s found in the past six months, I figured it was time to do the same with yarn. The diversity of fiber that is available to use for spinning, knitting, crochet and a myriad of other purposes is quite heartening. The fact that so many […] More

  • Kick the Can

    I’ve become quite nostalgic as summer has been winding down and the unofficial start of fall has come and gone. Soon, shorter days and cooler nights will be upon us and the fall harvest of vegetables got me thinking about more than just bees. My thought process is always an interesting one to follow so […] More

  • Carnival of Green Crafts #4 is up at Whip Up!

    The fourth Carnival of Green Crafts is now posted at Whip Up, and it’s quite a diverse collection of links for all of us to enjoy! I love seeing the submissions as they come in, especially when one post introduces me to a whole new blog I’ve never read before.  If you haven’t yet submitted […] More

  • Spoonflower Considering Organic Cotton

    Spoonflower is a new company that offers crafters a chance to order fabric printed with their very own designs. Crafty superstars like The Black Apple and My Paper Crane have already jumped on this cool service, and I love drooling over their amazing designs. The thing that bums me out is that they aren’t currently […] More

  • Yearn Worthy Yarn: Cashmere

    Cashmere. The epitome of luxury. Are you like me in that you’ve seen cashmere yarn in the store, balked at the price tag and thought to yourself “I’ll never try that.”? Well I’m here to give a little prodding to say that its ok to splurge. It’s time to give cashmere a chance. Yes it […] More

  • Vote In Etsy’s Handmade Kids Challenge, Win Etsy Cash

    Etsy, the crafting gal (and guy’s) favorite marketplace is holding a Handmade Kids Challenge, which showcases all the crafts made for kids on Etsy. Expert judging has started in seven categories, one of which is “eco-friendly”, and winners in each category will get a $200 Etsy shopping spree. Check out the eco-friendly entries! More info, […] More

  • Happy Labor Day!

    Today in the U.S. is Labor Day. A national holiday to remember the creation of the labor movement and to celebrate workers, giving a day off to those who provide the labor that makes the country run. Labor can be found in one part of the three-legged stool of sustainable development and the triple bottom […] More

  • Yearn Worthy Yarn: Bernat Soy

    Not too long ago, I did a thorough de-sash of my yarn pile so I could better utilize the yarn I had in my stash. Some I got rid of through an online swap and the rest I donated to Craft Mutiny’s Craft Supply Swap, a swap very similar to the Crafters Anonymous Craft Swap. […] More

  • DIY at the DNC

    Are you admiring the crafty hats donned by democratic delegates at this week’s convention? They get patriot points for glitter, but MSNBC’s Chris Mathews took the cake with his kinetic hair sculpture. It reminds us all of the important part wind power can play in our renewable energy needs. That’s not exactly what I had […] More

  • New Life for Old CDs

    This is a guest post by Becky Haas, who is an amateur crafter/environmentalist who also tries to make a living as a professional musician. You can also find her at the craft blog Sew and So. I have a confession to make…I’m addicted to music. I guess it comes naturally, since that’s what I spend […] More

  • Tech Savvy Knitters Flock to Ravelry

    Knitters and crocheters: looking for a social networking program that’s all about yarn-lovers? What about one with groups specifically for eco-minded crafters? Look no further than Ravelry. I joined Ravelry in April, and since then, it’s my go-to place for (free!) knitting patterns and ideas. Just like Facebook or MySpace, users have a profile, make […] More

  • None of your Beeswax

    As summer is nearing its end and I am enjoying a garden harvest of sweet corn, cucumbers, tomatoes and sugar peas, I’ve been thinking about the bees that help make it all possible. Bees are wonderful, fascinating little beings. Not only do they produce sweat honey, but also a wax. The wax is what forms […] More

  • The Crafters Anonymous Craft Swap

    The Richmond Craft Mafia has developed a 12 step program to help you overcome your addiction to craft supplies. Their Crafters Anonymous Craft Swap, taking place in Richmond, VA on September 14th from 2 p.m.-5 p.m., will not only be a good time, but help fund a local non-profit organization The thing about crafters is […] More

  • Election Season Crafting!

    It’s election season ladies and gentlemen! I mean, well, it’s been election season since the beginning of the year but now we’re into the final rounds; the all-out, smack-down, Thunderdome two-men-enter-one-man-leaves, thick of the fight. What better way to voice your support for your particular candidate and focus attention on the issues you care about […] More

  • Carnival of Green Crafts #3: Trash Into Treasure

    Welcome to the Third Carnival of Green Crafts! Before we begin, let me just thank all of the crafters who participated in this month’s carnival for taking a weight off my mind. After reading all of these posts, I now have NO worries at all about landfill space anywhere in America. Seriously, y’all, crafters are […] More

  • Yearn-Worthy Yarns: KusiKuy

    KusiKuy Clothing Company is so much more than its name implies. KusiKuy was founded in 1997 by Tamara Stenn, a Peace Corps Volunteer who was inspired by the idea of fair trade and what it meant for local indigenous populations. KusiKuy specializes in warm alpaca yarn from Bolivia. All of their yarns are hand spun […] More

  • Fabulous Fabrics: Rubie Green Organic Cotton Prints

    Like Amenity, Mod Green Pod, and Oliveira Textiles, the fun new fabrics from Rubie Green are high end decorator fabrics with a high end price tag: about $90 per yard. But oh, the lovely! Pictured above are Megan, Patsy, and Portobello.  Rubie Green’s full line of fabrics includes two stripes, a zigzag, a funky zebra […] More

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