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  • Yearn Worthy Yarn: Miss Hawklet

    In amongst the hand bound books made from mostly recycled materials, you will find some wonderful yarn by Miss Hawklet, made with what she calls “animal friendly” fibers. All of the yarn found in Miss Hawklet’s shop is hand spun and hand dyed by the proprietor herself, Holly Klump. She offers a wide variety of […] More

  • Fabulous Fabrics: Plover Organic Cotton

    Plover Organic is primarily a bedding company, but they sell some of their fabrics by the yard.  Are they green, you ask?  Well, just check out their credentials: All organic fibers used by Plover are certified according to the standards of the Organic Trade Association (OTA) in the United States, and by those of IFOAM […] More

  • Indieconomy

    It’s amazing that I know far more artists and crafters with successful microbrands or intentions of starting one than those who are purely hobbyists. I, for one, so enjoy the process of constructing an identity for my creative outlets. They can define one more than the car you drive, the movies like, or the body […] More

  • Eco-Ween

    Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I love thinking about what my costume is going to be and how to create my perfect look for that year. I think I’ve only purchased a complete costume maybe once or twice in my life. Half of the fun of Halloween is making your own costume. You […] More

  • The Next Carnival of Green Crafts is Coming Up

    The seventh Carnival of Green Crafts is Thursday here at Crafting A Green World. If you’re going to submit a post, why not do it today?  We’d love to have you! Details here, or submit a post through the submission form. Previous editions of the Carnival of Green Crafts: First Carnival of Green Crafts Second […] More

  • Yearn Worthy Yarn: Schulana Cotton-Silk Natural

    This week I’ve been in the mood to knit with something simple and sweet, so I was pleasantly surprised when I came across Schulana’s Cotton-Silk Natural. This 80-20 blend is made with organic cotton and silk. And while the blend might not make it a completely simple yarn the gentle colors are quite sweet. This […] More

  • Where Are The Men In Organic And Sustainable Fabrics?

    So I’ve been doing the Fabulous Fabrics series for a while, and I’ve been noticing something. HarmonyArt Organic Design, Amenity, Oliveira Textiles, Mod Green Pod, Rubie Green, Kirin & Co, Thea and Sami – all of the designers behind these wonderful fabrics are women. (Right?  Someone correct me if I’m wrong.) Michael Miller Organics stands […] More

  • Diversify Your DIY

    Or make several thousand aluminum flowers… or 250 Aluminum Can Granny Square Tote Bags… or 1000 Aluminum Can Maracas for your kids, because music can help fill the void in your financially depleted soul… or you could smelt all of it into molds to make mod lawn furniture. The possibilities are endless. Bottoms up, my […] More

  • EcoGlue Review

    Go take a look at the adhesives you use in your crafting. Go ahead, I’ll wait here. Back? Ok, good. What is the one thing that they probably have in common? Does it say somewhere “use in well ventilated area” or some similar warning? Well, that warning often accompanies many of the glue and adhesive […] More

  • Yearn Worthy Yarn: Fox Fiber

    Sally Fox started growing colored cotton in the 1980’s. Concerned about the mass quantities of pesticides used in cotton growing, Fox researched different cotton breeds that were naturally resistant to pests and developed those breeds that were easily spun into yarn. Over the years she has developed these plants and now produces green, brown, buffalo […] More

  • Fabulous Fabrics: Why Bamboo Often Isn’t

    As sustainable fabrics go, bamboo certainly has buzz on its side.  I’ll admit to having fallen under its spell, though I ended up fairly unhappy with the durability of the socks and sheets I purchased while trying to avoid non-organic cotton. Living here in Austin, I can attest that under the right conditions, bamboo doesn’t […] More

  • Folksy – Make, Sell, Buy

    Folksy is a new online place for you crafty people in the UK, to make, sell and buy. Folksy champions cool crafts and design talent. It connects designers and crafters who have great things to sell with other like minded people who want individual, quality items that are made with love. You can search Folksy […] More

  • Next Carnival of Green Crafts Coming Up!

    The sixth Carnival of Green Crafts is Thursday at Smidge. If you’re going to submit a post, why not do it today? If you’re not, why not?  We’d love to have you! Details here, or submit a post through the submission form. Previous editions of the Carnival of Green Crafts: First Carnival of Green Crafts […] More

  • Mosaics, Anyone? Recycled Glass To The Rescue!

    When Great Green Goods mentioned Bedrock Industries and their recycled glass robot people on Monday, I knew I should pop over and check it out.  Why?  Well, I love robots.  Who doesn’t?  But what actually caught my eye was this part of the Great Green Goods post: “They have a large selection of tile and […] More

  • Yearn Worthy Yarn: Newspaper

    If you find yourself gathering your daily news from internet blogs and the Daily Show and less and less from a physical newspaper, you might be interested in learning about this yarn (on the internet, nach.) For those hip to the online craft world, this might not be news to you, but to us here […] More

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