Use Faber-Castell Pitt Pens to Draw on Wood, Rocks, and Shells

child's building block decorated with Faber-Castell Pitt pens

The pens also work well on really porous natural surfaces, such as the wood of my kiddos’ building blocks (which are our favorite things to embellish). Sharpies really bleed on wood, and although you can easily stain wood in vibrant colors, you can’t do any detail work with staining.

rock paperweightFaber-Castell Pitt pens are really pricey, so I’d never suggest them if their nibs wore down easily on these rough surfaces, but they stand up well even in the hands of my kiddos, who are MUCH more heavy-handed with the art supplies than I am. My kids have ruined many delicate, fine-tipped Micron pens, and even the heavier tips of Prismacolor markers, but the tips of these Faber-Castell pens don’t have the tempting amount of give that tends to lure them into pressing down too hard, and the ink flows well with even a light touch, which also encourages them to work gently.

The Faber-Castell pens come in a wide range of sizes, but the two that I like the best for work on natural surfaces like these are the Medium tip and the Brush tip. The ink will eventually wear off of materials that get a lot of wear, like my kids’ building blocks, so you’d do well to seal those, but there’s no need to seal something like a paperweight.

Which my partner had better LIKE this year, or there’s no telling what he’s getting for our anniversary next year!

6 thoughts on “Use Faber-Castell Pitt Pens to Draw on Wood, Rocks, and Shells”

  1. Fun!

    We don’t bother with anniversary gifts, cause I never know what to get him, and he’s too lazy to take the time to get anything. We usually just each get our own thing. Boring, but I get what I want and so does he.

    I’ve been looking at these pens for a while. Might have to save some money and give them a try.

    1. I’m really easy to buy for, and I LOVE to get presents, so I’m embarrassed to say that I’m the one that keeps the gift-giving traditions going. I’ve wanted a wood chipper for years, though, and we’ve just never gotten one, so I keep threatening that for the next holiday, I’m going to buy “Matt” a wood chipper.

      I used one of those oh-so-handy 40% off coupons at our big-box craft store for our pens, and even so, I’m still a little leery of handing them off to the kids. If they keep asking, though, I’m going to have to buy a set just for them, so that at least I won’t have to fret about MINE.

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  3. Hi! Can I ask which type of PITT tip you used? PITT artist? PITT soft chisel? PITT bullet nib? PITT soft brush? I’ve always wanted to know what pen would do this, thanks! πŸ™‚

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