Six Craft Projects Using Wrapping Paper


6. Wrapping Paper Beads

Our own Becky Streipe points you to a video on how to make beads from magazine pages. The same technique will easily apply to wrapping paper, though, and you’ll get great results.

What are you going to do with the wrapping paper you received this year? Do you like to save the paper and use it next year or are you going to craft with it? I would love to hear some of your ideas and suggestions. Feel free to leave some links and comments.

{Wrapping paper tubes image by fauxto_digit via Flickr Creative Commons, Paper stars image via Family Fun, Paper bow image via Momfetti, Greeting card image via whole living, Wrapping paper image by madelinetosh via Flickr Creative Commons, Pencils image by Bruno Monginoux/ via Flickr Creative Commons}

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  1. you can also use decent sizes of paper to make origami crafts
    that will look like christmas i did that and it was fun you can
    also wrap already made origami crafts in the wrapping paper
    and hang them around the house a decorations

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