Rock! Vinyl Wrist Cuffs

Vinyl wrist cuff
Wrist cuffs are fun accessories that lend an air of rock and roll to any outfit. Thrifting vinyl records is a great way to add rock and roll to your music collection. Put the two together and what do you get? Wrist cuffs made from thrifted vinyl records!

Etsy has lots of vinyl cuffs for sale, but the gold cuff pictured above by Tresijas really caught my eye. The color is amazing and the shape is wonderfully curved just so. Colored vinyl is often hard to come by, making this find even that much more special.

To make your own vinyl wrist cuff you only need a record, an oven and an xacto knife. Simply follow these instructions to make your own rockin’ wrist cuff.

Make sure you to use oven mitts and work in a well ventilated area as the fumes from this process are not good for you. If you need other ideas for what to do with vinyl records, don’t forget the chip bowls that Juliet told us about.

[Image from Tresijas]

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  2. I also tried the DIY website and couldn’t find a link for this project… I would LOVE to make my own vinyl cuffs!! Any other links you’ve found? Thanks!

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