ReSew Giveaway and Tutorial!

felted basket
This little basket was made from the leftover scraps of two wool sweaters I just couldn’t throw out. The basket is completely hand-sewn; no sewing machine needed! I opted for a solid color on the inside of this basket and a colorful stripe on the outside, but you can choose whatever color combinations you like. You can also make the basket from just one sweater, with the same fabric on the inside and the outside of the basket.

To make the basket, here’s what you’ll need:

  • Two 100% wool sweaters (or just one)
  • Scissors or rotary-cutting equipment
  • A ruler
  • Measuring tape, or rotary ruler
  • Long pins
  • Thick thread or thin yarn to coordinate with your sweaters (I used perle cotton thread)
  • A large-eye needle
  • Sewing thread to coordinate with your sweaters
  • A piece of corrugated cardboard, about 9″ x 9″
  • Buttons (optional)

Note: Your wool sweaters need to be “felted” so they won’t fray when cut. To felt a sweater, simply machine wash and dry it, using cycles you would normally use. You may need to wash your sweater more than once for it to fully felt. When you can’t see the stitches in the sweater any longer, you’ll know it’s felted enough to cut into it without any unraveling.

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63 thoughts on “ReSew Giveaway and Tutorial!”

  1. I’d love to win this book! I’ve kept clothing from my husband and I for ages now to resew as I’m trying to reduce on spending and the amount of clothing we buy from unethical shops. So this would be a great asset!

  2. I have a huge bag of clothes that are all ready for ideas. I’d love to win the book so I can have a source of inspiration. I too have collected so many that I don’t know what to do with them. Many of them won’t work for donation and I’d really hate to through them away.

  3. I’ve been planning to make a quilt using clothes of my grandparents that have passed on. I have fond memories of certain clothes that they wore which will be included in the quilt. This book would help me with that project and others down the road.

  4. I try to reuse old clothes, would love to have book for patterns and knew ideas. Making things from mine clothes that I can pass on to my kids. And G-baby.

  5. I love the idea of sewing “green”! I have lots of old clothing and mens ties that are just waiting for a new life.

  6. I have been making “memory” bags/purses for my friends. Using old clothes that mean something to them. I also make quilts out of all our old souvenir tee shirts. I have boxes of clothes and sweaters that need to much mending to donate but are too good to throw away. I would LOVE to have a book with patterns and fresh ideas!! I am obsessed with repurposing!!

  7. I have a woman cave I just redone that has a sewing machine and a basket full of old clothes that is waiting to do something with. This book would be a great inspiration to have.

  8. organicmommy26

    I would love to win this book! My family is on one income right now and it would feel nice to have some “new” clothes.

  9. I have a huge container of clothes/material scraps, etc that need new purpose. I keep meaning to… this would give me the inspiration!

  10. I love turning discarded clothes into new things and am always looking for new ideas! (I can’t bear to discard any of our old clothes, there is always some useable fabric, even when it looks worn out, so I have lots to work with!)

  11. So far I have my eye on her jeans rug and the quilt from sheets. So pretty. I love the other things too, but I would start with those. Thanks!

  12. With clothes that I don’t wear anymore I store in my craft room and use them up for projects. I love re-purposing them and this book would definitely give me tons of ideas!!

  13. I have a pile of old clothes I can’t bear to give away, waiting for some fresh ideas to refashion them. I’d love to win this book!

  14. Oh, I’d love this. I was a year-long member of the Wardrobe Refashion site.
    I’ve been collecting vintage dresses that I’d like to modernize.

  15. I love to recycle, but am intimidated to sew clothes for myself. This book might give me the boost I need to try it out!

  16. I would read the book from cover to cover and then get busy making some new items for me and maybe a few gifts!

  17. I would really like to get some ideas on how to repurpose old/thrift store clothing into my own awesome fashions, so this would be awesome!

  18. I love thrifting but, stay away from the clothes because, I NEED your help and the book….hope to win to get better at repurposing….

  19. My first project would be the jeans rug – I love it, and I love having a project that I can carry around and work on. Thanks for having a giveaway!

  20. I am an avid thrifter and clothes saver. I have a stash of sweaters, too big vintage type dresses, vintage sheets, skirts and stuff I’ve gotten because I love the fabric, and clothes I grew out of and no one wanted. I would use the book to resew my stuff and have some upcycling fun!

  21. I would resew EVERYTHING!!! We have so much old clothing that needs a new life and 3 teenaged girls who love style! This would be so awesome!!!

  22. I have so many clothes that I never wear that I would love make into other things. I am great at making stuff from bought materials, but I have a creative block when it comes to upcycling, and I really want that to end!

  23. My jeans seem to like to eat holes in my tops at bellybutton level and anything which doesn’t have holes in is covered in baby sick so I have a lot of not-quite-as-nice-as-I’d-like stuff to refashion!

  24. Valerie Cheel

    My work pants and skirts don’t fit the same way as before I had the baby, but they’re too nice to get rid of. I’d love to be able to do something with them!

  25. I’ve just been getting back into sewing and would love some projects that I could make for cheap. Using clothes from the thrift store would be pretty cheap.

  26. I would love to be able to turn some of my mending pile into new clothes, especially skirts. Some of the pile is fantastic fabric or a great clothes I would feel bad about throwing away, and they have too big a hole for Goodwill, so I would love to be able to repurpose them into great well fitting skirts.

  27. I’ve been getting started de- and re-constructing too-large tee shirts into other wearables, so I would love to have this book to get ideas and expand my skill set!

  28. I sew (and re-sew) for my children mostly, so I would definitely us this book with that in mind. Of course, I may even get inspired to do some things for me. Thank you so much for the giveaway.

  29. victoria@recycled+revamped

    Such a great book! I would bring it to our community sewing studio and use it to teach others how to recycle all the donated clothing there!

  30. Buffy Shields

    Knowledge is power and books are the key. Besides, I’ve got a huge pile of clothes that need a new life!! :o)

  31. since I’m on my second little one now my wardrobe needs some revamping so I’ve been hard at work re-constructing some of my most favorite pieces to fit my growing belly *smiles* this would be an inspirational book for that.

  32. I want to learn to upcycle and have a shirt that I love and want to use it as my base. I’d love to win this book to learn how.

  33. I, too, have a stash of no longer wearable clothes waiting for new lives. This book would come in oh so handy.

  34. Oooh, very cool! I’d love to resource our families clothes that might not be donateable, but could still get some use. I love recycling clothes and fabrics into creative new goodies.

  35. I HAVE so many clothes that don’t fit anymore! (I lost quite a bit of weight when I started running.) I’d love to be able to re-make a lot of the shirts that I still like but can’t wear!

  36. I have some old clothes that I can’t bare to part with so I would use the book to refashion some of my favorite old clothes.

  37. I am a newly single mother with a 10 year old son and an almost 3 year old daughter. I would use this book to teach myself to sew. I have recently learned now to knit from tutorials and am ready to bite off a beginning sewing machine and start finding some projects. This is my first exposure to making things reused. While I don’t have a lot since I just moved out of the home I shared with their father, I would use this book to use what I have and stop thinking of trash the same way.

  38. I love this! Refashioning is one of my favorite things to do with clothes. Some of my favorite articles of clothing are things that I have thrifted and remade into something new, but I could use some more inspiration to keep me going.

  39. I love this! I have a pile of old clothes I just got from my sister with thoughts of swapping and/or altering, but have had MAJOR problems with inspiration for what to do with them. This would be GREAT!!!

  40. My kids clothes are overtaking my laundry room!! I can’t for the life of me throw them away, some have stains (2 boys) and these are the ones I’d really like to repurpose into something new either for myself or add to my kids wardrobe!

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