Recycle Fabric Scraps to Fabulous Fabric Flowers

3. Kanzashi Style Fabric Flower

Kanzashi is a Japanese style of folding fabric into flower petals. This PDF shows you how to make this “easier-than-looks” flower by footloosefancyfree.

[Photo by:footloosefancyfree]

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7 thoughts on “Recycle Fabric Scraps to Fabulous Fabric Flowers”

  1. O, these are excellent ideas! My job as an eco seamstress (at means a LOT of fabric offcuts, and I’m always looking for ways to re-use them, since I challenge myself to throw away as few scraps as possible (only 1 basketful of unusable tiny/damaged pieces after a full year in business, yay!).
    I make hairbows from scrap and I’ve tried patchwork squares, and shredding remnants for heavy bolster cushion stuffing, but making some little floral embellishments would be fabulous! 🙂

    1. Wow. Just one basket of unused scrap in one year? That is awesome! Fabric flowers are definitely a creative way to use up scraps of all different sizes.

  2. These are very cool.  As you, i also keep so much scraps and could never throw out materials.  Recently i used my old clothes and fabrics to upcycle into bags.  Check them out…

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