Reader Question Answered: Upcycling a Daily Calendar

decoupaged vase from How about Orange

To use up lots of interesting little graphics or quotes, it can be fun to decoupage a larger object.

This decoupaged vase from How about Orange was done using an old hymn book. To do the same with a matte paper daily desk calendar, first decoupage a background on the object–perhaps scrapbook paper, or the gridded squares from a monthly calendar?–then decoupage selected quotes or graphics that you want to feature on top of the background.

You could decoupage the same type of object, such as a vase or a set of ornaments, every year with the previous year’s old calendar, and have yourself quite a collection some day.

[Image from How about Orange, used with permission]

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3 thoughts on “Reader Question Answered: Upcycling a Daily Calendar”

  1. Coaster was definitely my first tought, but having 365 tiles stashed in your drawer my not be very efficient.
    Maybe cover the day of the week part with “dry erase” tape (is there such a thing?) and use the pages as a perpetual calendar.

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