Reader Question Answered: Upcycling a Daily Calendar

images cut out of vintage paper, ready to be made into stickersΒ If you’re into scrapbooking or card making, then homemade stickersΒ are an excellent way to add graphics, quotes, or even specific dates from a calendar to your project.

For instance, when making a handmade card to accompany a baby gift or a wedding gift, you could feature a cut-out of the date of that special event. Funny quotes cut out of a desk calendar are a better embellishment to a scrapbook page than over-packaged, over-priced scrapbook stickers purchased from a big-box craft store.

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3 thoughts on “Reader Question Answered: Upcycling a Daily Calendar”

  1. Coaster was definitely my first tought, but having 365 tiles stashed in your drawer my not be very efficient.
    Maybe cover the day of the week part with “dry erase” tape (is there such a thing?) and use the pages as a perpetual calendar.

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