Project Show-and-Tell: An Upcycled Smash Book for My Anniversary

Smash book

page from an upcycled smash book for my anniversaryThe next part of making my smash book looked something like planning a scrapbook. I took a dive through fifteen years’ worth of special papers and special memories, finding things like our older daughter’s birth announcement, or some issues of the comic strip that my partner and I used to create for the student newspaper at the university I got my Master’s degree from, or a photo of us taken with our group of friends in my old undergrad apartment. I made lists of the huge number of graphic novels my partner got me into, and all of the very crazy things that happened to us during one cross-country road trip we took the year after we got married, and I had my girls draw pictures of all of us together, and write reasons why they love their Daddy.

And then, roughly one theme to a page, in absolutely no chronological order, I laid everything down onto the pages of my book. In a smash book it’s okay if the glue shows a little, so I used everything from Elmer’s glue to hot glue to staples to wet paint to adhere my main text and images, and if I was ever in doubt about something, I sprinkled some glitter on it.

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4 thoughts on “Project Show-and-Tell: An Upcycled Smash Book for My Anniversary”

  1. This is tempting me to create a family gathering just to create a few of these. Think of the stories and the laughs. Yep I see a few girls nights coming soon.

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