How to Upcycle an Old Globe into a Chalkboard Globe

prime the globe with appropriate primerWhether or not you’ve peeled the top layer of paper off of your globe, it now needs to be covered with a couple of layers of primer.

Choose a primer that will work with both the chalkboard paint that you’re using (there are several brands available, and even a D.I.Y. chalkboard paint recipe) and the cardboard material that the globe is made of, either smooth and shiny if you haven’t peeled it, or textured and porous if you have peeled it.

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5 thoughts on “How to Upcycle an Old Globe into a Chalkboard Globe”

  1. I just said, ‘Are you kidding me?’ WAY out loud! This is the coolest thing ever. I’m totes going to draw in Middle Earth…

  2. This is a very cool project! I actually just wrote a blog last week about upcycling. There is no need to throw away that old globe- we can make it something new!

  3. you could also probably use a little sand paper to smooth out some rough spots, as long as you finished with a fine grit, like 220. i once used chalkboard paint on a less than smooth surface, and it just doesn’t work so well for writing or drawing.

    I love your globe, and will be looking for one once garage sale season gets into full swing.

    1. Next time I will use a finer grit sandpaper–I’m happy with the texture of my globe, although it’s a smidge on the rough side, but I did find it harder to sand with a rougher grit sandpaper without completely shredding the cardboard.

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