How-to: Rolled Beeswax Candle

roll the beeswax around the candleRoll up the rest of the beeswax candle, gently and evenly. The beeswax sheet is easy to roll, so you won’t need to exert much force here.

In fact, the beeswax sheet is malleable enough that using too much pressure will flatten or otherwise warp it–easy does it!

When the sheet is completely rolled around the wick, press the outside edge into the candle. The softness of the beeswax and the warmth of your fingers will stick it to the candle with a barely noticeable seam.

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9 thoughts on “How-to: Rolled Beeswax Candle”

  1. I find it *really* hard to do this evenly, or even sort-of evenly. Do you have any tips? It doesn’t matter how many times I roll, un-roll, and re-roll.

    1. If you look REALLY closely at the beeswax sheet, you’ll see that although the honeycomb pattern lines up on the diagonal one way, it lines up in a straight vertical line the other way. I like to roll so that I’m rolling down that vertical line, and by keeping that line matched between the candle and the unrolled sheet as I’m rolling it up, I’m able to keep the candle perfectly lined up.

      If it’s totally impossible, though, for you to keep it even, just make it a style element!

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  4. Your how-to has inspired me to make rolled beeswax candles for my wedding !! (14 months away, so here goes). But I wanted to mention that Knorr Beeswax lists 20 sheets for $50, but lists them much cheaper (referenced on martha stewart’s how-to candle thingy) 10 sheets for $16.50, or 50 sheets for $68.50…. Although, I haven’t been able to compare shipping or quality – only quantity.

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