How-to: Repair a Roller Shade with Fabric

Roller Shade Repaired with Fabric

roller shade repaired with fabricWhen the hot glue has solidified, the roller shade can be used as normal. I think that it looks MUCH prettier after the repair, but here are some embellishments that would also look nice:

And, of course, now that it’s mended, kids’ hands and cats’ claws are strictly forbidden from touching my nice, new roller shade ever again. I can totally enforce a rule like that, right?

…um, right?

4 thoughts on “How-to: Repair a Roller Shade with Fabric”

  1. Thanks for a roller shade is easy to repair. Replacing the torn section with fabric won’t hinder the shade’s performance, and considering how roller shades are about the cheapest and most crappy-looking window covering available, anyway, the repair will actually vastly improve the overall look of the entire window treatment.

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