How-to: Repair a Roller Shade with Fabric

Roller Shade Repaired with Fabric

double-fold the hem to enclose the raw edgeSew and hem the repair fabric, remembering to enclose all seams. Measure the fabric against the roller shade before you sew the second hem along the fabric’s width, just to make perfectly sure that the repair fabric’s width will exactly match that of the roller shade.

While it is technically possible to sew the fabric directly to the roller shade, I didn’t want to stress my apparently brittle and easily torn shade, so I chose to hot glue the fabric to the bottom edge of the shade. If you use a high-temperature glue gun, you’ll have a little more time to work with the glue before it solidifies, although you’ll need to be careful, because the glue at that temperature is hot enough to burn your skin and leave a scar (of which I have TWO!).

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4 thoughts on “How-to: Repair a Roller Shade with Fabric”

  1. Thanks for a roller shade is easy to repair. Replacing the torn section with fabric won’t hinder the shade’s performance, and considering how roller shades are about the cheapest and most crappy-looking window covering available, anyway, the repair will actually vastly improve the overall look of the entire window treatment.

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