How-to: Make an Upcycled Magnifying Glass Necklace

magnifying glass necklace made from a vintage glass lensYour finished magnifying lens will need to be cleaned again, and you can polish your solder with silver polish if you wish to make it shiny. Use your favorite method to attach the magnifying lens to your favorite necklace cord or chain, and wear it with pride, knowing that no longer will tiny things flaunt their dominance over your vision.

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Written by Julie Finn

I'm a writer, crafter, Zombie Preparedness Planner, and homeschooling momma of two kids who will hopefully someday transition into using their genius for good, not the evil machinations and mess-making in which they currently indulge. I'm interested in recycling and nature crafts, food security, STEM education, and the DIY lifestyle, however it's manifested--making myself some underwear out of T-shirts? Done it. Teaching myself guitar? Doing it right now.

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