How-to: Homemade Solid Body Lotion for Natural Skin Care

Solid Body Lotion
solid body lotion
Pour melted lotion into an upcycled container or set of silicon molds to harden.

All the solid lotion recipes also have in common the need to pour the mixed and melted lotion into a container until it sets. Upcycled containers, such as Altoid tins or used lip balm jars, can be re-used for this purpose, or you can use a muffin tin or set of silicon molds to produce stand-alone solid lotion bars that don’t require a container.

If you do make your solid lotion in a muffin tin, however, you’ll still probably need some kind of cover for the bars. Although they’re solid at room temperature, they’re just slightly tacky enough that cat hair and dust will collect on them. Yuck! I sew drawstring bags for each of my solid lotion bars, especially if I”m giving them as gifts.

To use solid lotion, either hold the bar in your hands or rub it against your skin; your body heat will soften it so that the lotion can be rubbed in.

My latest batch of solid lotion bars has peppermint and rosemary essential oils added in, but what I’d really like is some ingredient that will mimic the tingling of Carmex on my chapped lips, since I also use my solid lotion as a lip balm.

Any suggestions?

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