How-to: Dyed and Glittered Clothespins

Your Glitter Craft is Bad for the Environment

add glue and glitter to the clothespinsLet the stain dry completely, then paint one flat side of each clothespin with white glue, and gently dip it into a small tray of glitter (put newspaper on top of the tray, underneath the glitter, so that you can pour it all back into its container when you’re finished).

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2 thoughts on “How-to: Dyed and Glittered Clothespins”

  1. I too have been surprised by how often I make glitter clothespins – at least four times a year and I make a whole package (100?) each time. They are wonderful for attaching tags to gifts, using as magnets, closing bags…

    Instead of glitter, lately I’ve been using glitter nail polish. It doesn’t flake off and I already had it on hand. At Walgreens they were less then a dollar a bottle so I bought every color and use it for crafting. Not green, but again, I had it on hand so I might as well use it.

    Thanks for a great post ๐Ÿ™‚

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