How-to: DIY Embellished Business Cards–with a Treat!

DIY business cards embellished with a treat (4 of 4)

There are a ton of different ways to make your own eco-friendly business cards that are crafty, creative, and fit into someone’s wallet.

But sometimes, if you’re an artist or a crafter, you have the chance to give out business cards that have a lot more flair. Business cards that you give out at a conference or networking event, with a purchase at a craft fair, or in a package that you’re shipping with an order from your etsy shop can afford to be a little fancier, and include a little bonus gift to make you memorable.

These DIY business cards may not fit in a potential customer’s wallet, but they’ll still stand out. Whether it’s a string of hand-painted beads, a small charm, or another trinket, these items may be just more of your unneeded stash, but to others they’re gifts, a little added value that costs you nothing but a few extra seconds of time, but positively impacts how your business card is received.

Here is an easy way to add a little trinket or other small gift to a business card:

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2 thoughts on “How-to: DIY Embellished Business Cards–with a Treat!”

    1. These are old cardboard record album covers. They’re a great source of good, sturdy, vintage cardboard! We collect records albums to play, but people don’t know how to store records anymore, so many of the ones that we acquire are completely unplayable, and sometimes we upcycle those into other things.

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