How-to: Beeswax and Fabric Scrap Ornaments

add fabric loops, then pour on another layer of beeswaxWhile the bottom layer of beeswax is still liquid, use a chopstick or skewer to poke the ends of a fabric strip into the top of the beeswax to form a loop for hanging. I enjoy this part, because I think that it’s lovely to have the fabric show through the thin beeswax at the end.

As soon as the fabric loop is placed, pour another layer of beeswax over the top of it. This layer should be thin, as well, so simply make sure that the fabric ends are well covered.

If your fabric loop doesn’t allow the beeswax ornament to hang as nicely as you’d like, you can adjust it a bit even after the ornament is unmolded. Just peel the fabric gently away if it’s stuck to the top of the ornament, or, if you totally hate it, break the fabric out of the ornament and toss the beeswax back in the pot for another go.

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