How-to: Beeswax and Fabric Scrap Ornaments

pour beeswax into small silicon molds

While you can use any small molds–candy molds, ice cube trays, etc.–for your beeswax ornaments, flexible silicon molds work the best because you can remove the finished ornament so easily. If you are using another type of mold, however, just make a mental note to freeze the finished ornaments in their mold for a few minutes, which will contract the beeswax and make for an easy time unmolding them.

When your beeswax is melted, pour just enough beeswax into each mold to cover the bottom. You’ll add a second layer of beeswax in a minute, but you don’t want your ornament to be very thick, or you’ll lose the lovely translucent glow of the beeswax.

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