Handmade Holidays: Five Christmas Stocking Tutorials

t-shirt yarn

5. T-Shirt Stocking

Your local thrift store is never out of old t-shirts that can be used to make a number of crafty things. This YouTube video shows us how to make yarn out of a cotton t-shirt. Then use your t-shirt yarn to make this stocking from The Art of Crochet by Teresa. There is even a video of the tutorial if you’re more of a visual learner.

Any one of these stockings would look fantastic hung up in your holiday home for many years to come. Do you have any patterns that you enjoy using to make Christmas stockings? I would love to see more patterns and get some more ideas for other recycled materials to use. Feel free to leave links or comments.

[Stockings image by leadenhall via Flickr Creative Commons, Denim stocking image by Just Kat Stuff, Felted wool stocking image by Julie Finn via Crafting a Green World,Β Paper bag stocking image by Rock Scissor Paper, Mini stocking image by Little Cotton Rabbits, T-Shirt Yarn image by Caffinara via Flickr Creative Commons ]

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