Five Ways to Upcycle Old Stuff with Chalkboard Paint

chalkboard picture frameSince I replaced all my old picture frames recently, I am thrilled by this project from b*spoke, which uses chalkboard paint to turn an old picture frame, glass and all, into a chalkboard message board.

There’s absolutely no waste with this project–you can even leave your crappy art underneath the glass if you don’t want it anymore–and since the frame stays intact, it’s easy to hang it right back up to start its new life.

[The image on this page is the property of b*spoke.]

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4 thoughts on “Five Ways to Upcycle Old Stuff with Chalkboard Paint”

  1. Love this post!…I recently painted my car with chalkboard paint and went cross country in it needless to say it was awesome, and so much fun drawing on the hood.

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