Five Upcycled Tie-Dye Projects That aren’t Tacky

tie-dyed Independence Day bunting

4. Tie-Dyed Party Decorations

If you can’t get wild and crazy when you’re decorating for a party, then I don’t know when you can get wild and crazy. Tie-dyed fabric party decorations, such as garlands, streamers, tablecloths, or this tie-dyed bunting from Family Fun, are eco-friendly since you can re-use them every year. They may not fit every year’s changing birthday party theme, but spend one afternoon tie-dying red and blue buntings for Memorial Day and Independence Day, and red and green garlands for Christmas, and you’re set forever.

[The image on this page is the property of Family Fun.]

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2 thoughts on “Five Upcycled Tie-Dye Projects That aren’t Tacky”

  1. I love the tye die napkins. Β I have some white napkins that are not so white any more, this is a great way to make them new again. Β Can’t wait to give it a try!

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