Five Picture Frames To Make Using Recycled Materials

game board frame

5. Board Game Frame

Along with puzzles, there are tons of board games just waiting for a crafty project, at your local thrift shop. Do you and your friends or family have a favorite board game that you play together? Follow these instructions from Photojojo and create a unique frame with personal touches.

Did you take a lot of great pictures this year? How are you going to put them on display in your home? I would love to hear some of your diy and eco-friendly frame ideas. Feel free to leave some comments and links.

[Cameras image by katiew via Flickr Creative Commons, Puzzle pieces image by sarowen via Flickr Creative Commons, DVD collection image by hooverdust via Flickr Creative Commons, Magazine image by Longzero via Flickr Creative Commons, Glass jar frame image via Photojojo, Board game frame image via Photojojo]

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