Five Must-Try Acorn Crafts for the Autumn

acorn art from Delia CreatesIf you weary of autumn decorations that are just a little TOO on-target for the holidays (I have two small children, and I know that by the advent of winter I will be sick unto death of everything jack-o-lantern or turkey), then injecting just a hint of understated seasonal decor into your overall interior design can add just the right amount of festivity. This framed acorn art, for instance, tutorial courtesy of Delia Creates, would not look out of place in any home, and yet when you look at it, you know it’s autumn.

One note: acorn caps need no special preparation to ready them for crafting, but unless your acorns, themselves, are pristinely perfect, they can harbor tiny critters, critters who might take it into their little larval heads to come hatching out just as you’re putting Thanksgiving dinner on the table. To be utterly safe, dry your acorns in the oven at a low temperature for a few hours or freeze them in the freezer for at least two weeks, or, for a completely cruelty-free method, leave this year’s acorns in a dry place to cure naturally (and let all the little critters worm their way out at their leisure), and craft with last year’s acorns.

[Image by Delia Creates, used with attribution]

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