Five More Crafty Christmas Tree Alternatives

bottle Christmas tree

4. Wine Bottle Tree

There’s no tutorial for this one but I had to show you this a wine bottle treeย (or is it beer bottles?). Either way, wow that’s a lot of bottles!

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3 thoughts on “Five More Crafty Christmas Tree Alternatives”

  1. Oh, I would totally use real candles on the wooden tree! We put real candles on our fresh tree, and the glow of candlelight is just amazing. As long as you use common sense–e.g., use sturdy clip-on candleholders that keep the candles vertical, light candles only when you’re in the same room, be sure to have a fire extinguisher around (which is something you should do in any season, I think)–having real candles on a tree can be just as safe as using light strings. Maybe even safer (every winter there are plenty of stories of house fires started by faulty wiring in light strings)!

    1. True but I have unruly children and cats that like to climb the tree (the cats not the kids ๐Ÿ™‚

      So candles are a big no- I don’t even burn scented candles anymore unless my kids are not home (which by the way I pick eco-friendly soy wax and natural scents).

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