Five Handmade Alphabets that You Can Craft from Recycled, Upcycled, or Natural Materials

crayon alphabet tutorialWith broken crayons and food crafting molds, you can make a colorful alphabet that’s also an art supply, such as these recycled crayon letters from One Charming Party.

While a silicon mold such as this one does work, getting the finished crayons, especially the curvy ones with fiddly bits, out of the mold can be tricky–if you’ve got a larger vintage mold, even if it wasn’t originally intended for food crafting (as long as it’s heat-safe!), then you’re really in luck.

To make layered recycled crayons that don’t have that groove from settling wax at the top, check out my layered recycled crayons tutorial.

[Image by One Charming Party, used with attribution]

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