Five Easy DIY Accessories to Make Using Natural Materials

boho shell necklace tutorial from SewHappinessAnyone can thread a shell with a hole in it onto a piece of twine and have it look pretty good, but if you’re willing to spend another few minutes to make it look great, check out this boho shell necklace tutorial from SewHappiness, guest posting over at Running with Glitter.

This necklace project is a great choice if you’ve got not just one showcase shell to highlight, but several smaller shells of similar quality to feature all together.

[Image by a title=”SewHappiness blog” href=”” target=”_blank”>SewHappiness, used with attribution]

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4 thoughts on “Five Easy DIY Accessories to Make Using Natural Materials”

  1. That little shark tooth necklace is so sweet and fierce!ย  Love the picture ๐Ÿ˜€ย  I’m always picking up little things on my walks, too.ย  Right now there are acorns everywhere!

    1. I think that acorns would make an AMAZING necklace. Or you could sprout one in a teeny little test tube with some dirt, and then wear that around your neck for a while. For some reason there are feathers everywhere around here right now, but the acorns are coming soon!

  2. In reference to the acorn necklace comment–I had the same thought last year as I saw literally thousands of acorn caps lying around my yard. I simply couldn’t let them all go to waste, so I took a handful, drilled wee holes into each one, and strung them onto a necklace, interposed with little wooden beads. I have never had another necklace get so many compliments. Like so many other things in nature that are so often ignored, they really are beautiful when you take a moment to look at them.

    1. There was one just like that hanging around a bird painting in my childhood home. My mother must have made it in her teens. (She was 90 when she died last Feb.) Thanks for reminding me of it.

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