10 thoughts on “Five Crafty Ways to Reuse Magazines”

  1. Google “rolled paper boxes” – use magazine pages rolled around a small skewer or knitting needle to make long tightly rolled tubes. Tubes are glued onto the outside or a box. Add a lid finished in the same way. These can be painted or left as-is and varnished and the insides finished with fancy paper or material. Looks very “oriental”. Make lovely gift boxes or “keepsake” boxes.

  2. Thanks so much for these great ideas, especially the envelopes and gift bows! I try to pass on old magazines to others when I’m done with them, but when that doesn’t work out, these craft ideas will be really helpful. I’ll definitely be trying these out for the holidays this year!

    1. My postmaster had an absolute fit when I took some enveloopes in that I had made from magazine pages. Even had press on labels so they could be seen better. She said that these cause a serious problem in the mail and I should only use them for cards I hand out to others. Just thought I’d mention it.

      1. This varies according to postoffice. If the size is legal, and the art is well adhered, they are supposed to accept it. There are art groups on Yahoo that do this. If you want the name of a hostess of one (send 5 for 5 or 10 for 10),
        I will furnish the name. Everyplace I have lived has been cooperative

  3. Oh and let’s not forget the time old favorite of creating collages… or in today’s vernacular ‘vision boards’! We just had a session the other evening… a few girlfriends, stretched canvas (we are making ART after all), a little wine, and magazines, glue, scissors….. great evening!

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