Five Crafty Projects to Upcycle Your Potato Chip Bags

chip bag crinkle toyBabies LOVE toys that crinkle. Experienced parents know this, and that’s how you’re going to become the hero of the next baby shower that you attend: by gifting some expectant parents that you know with this cute crinkly baby toy, tutorial created by Joy’s Hope.

Not only will you be upcycling a piece of trash into a well-loved second life, but you can also do a good bit of stash-busting here, if you happen to have any soft flannel fabric and bits of ribbon or other trim on hand. Before you know it, you’ll have the best baby shower gift on the planet, and it will have cost nothing to make.

[The image on this page is the property of Joy’s Hope.]

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3 thoughts on “Five Crafty Projects to Upcycle Your Potato Chip Bags”

  1. These are great ideas but… isn’t a chip bag made of plastic with a foil lining (at best) and sometimes lined with teflon related chemicals? I would not want anyone to chew on the bag or handled it a great deal– friction, heat, etc can cause small pieces of the plastic polymers (these are called monomers) to pop off and these are the little guys that cause so many problems in the body. Plastic is such a huge problem– how to reuse or dispose of it.

  2. Not to piss on your parade, but if you’re that concerned about the packaging…. Try buying the giant carton & portioning them into re-useable portion-size containers or maybe 2 containers (front seat & back seat). If that’s too big for a family of 4, Goldfish also come in paper packages. If your children are too “not-yet-for-good” they can’t pass a bag between them, maybe they can have a bag each & the grups can collect them at rest stops. Just saying….

  3. Thanks for the neat ideas. Not sure about making toys for little ones, who might chew on them. First comment makes total sense.

    Some of the other projects are worth trying. Thanks for the article.

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