Five Apple Crafts to Make with Your Surplus Apple Harvest

Thanksgiving Food Crafts

crocheted apple cozy from Make Handmade - Handmade - HandicraftOkay, now that you’ve survived the apple head doll, you deserve some serious cute, so here it is: crocheted apple cozies.

Seriously. They’re awesome, right?

You know you hate it when your apple gets bruised in your lunchbox, or rather it gets bruised when you just toss it into your backpack with all your other junk because you’re too lazy to get out your lunchbox. Now, all you have to do is crochet yourself a set of apple cozies, tutorial courtesy of Make Handmade – Handmade – Handicraft, and your problem is solved.

[Image by Make Handmade – Handmade – Handicraft, used with attribution]

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