Sewn Fabric Basket

20 Fabric Bins, Baskets, and Other DIY Storage Solutions

You can DIY quite a lot of storage solutions using stash or scrap fabric as a base. You can make drawstring bags and floppy baskets, sure, but also boxes, bins, cubbies, and all sorts of other handy ways to organize and neatly store your stuff.

Nesting Fabric Baskets

Sew Nesting Fabric Baskets from Stash Fabrics

hese nesting fabric baskets give you a lot of storage options. Sew a set in the same colorway from the same fabrics, and they’ll all match each other and your decor. Since they nest, they don’t take up a lot of storage space, but when you need them, you’ve got four whole baskets’ worth of storage!

Sewn Fabric Baskets

How to Make the Easiest Sewn Fabric Baskets

These fabric baskets are purposefully a bit on the droopy side, because I don’t like to sew with artificial materials like interfacing. A little interfacing or even cereal box cardboard would firm them up, though, if you prefer that look.

King-Sized Denim Log Cabin Quilt

Log Cabin Quilt from Upcycled Denim… And It’s King-Sized!

I roasted while I sewed all that denim and flannel in the smack middle of June, but I’ll be so comfy this winter!

I’ve had this log cabin quilt sewn from upcycled denim in my mind’s eye for a few years, but it’s the embarrassing state of my fabric stash that finally prodded me into action.

Wildlife Rescue Pouch

Sew a Wildlife Rescue Pouch from Fleece Scraps

Wildlife rescues use fleece pouches to contain small and baby animals in a way that keeps them feeling safe and comfortable. It mimics the type of pouch that a marsupial animal will be familiar with, and recreates the feeling of a nest for other animals.

upcycled Christmas crafts

Three Dozen Felt Christmas Ornaments to DIY

Felt is excellent for children and beginners because it doesn’t fray. It can be hand-sewn or machine sewn, and while it has zero drape, it has a ton of structure that allows you to skip the starch and interfacing.

So pick your favorite ornament, your favorite felt, and start crafting!

Replace a Zipper

How to Replace the Zipper in a Pair of Pants

Be warned: pants zippers are tedious and painstaking to replace. What they are not, however, is difficult. If you’ve sewn with zippers before, and you’re comfortable using a zipper foot, you can make this repair.

add a zipper to a hoodie

How to Add a Zipper to a Hoodie

Fortunately, it’s really not hard to add a zipper to the front of a hoodie, and what you get in return is a comfy, zip-up hoodie that will leave your glasses, headphones, and sensory sensitivities intact.

DIY Terrycloth Bath Mat

DIY: Upcycle Old Towels into a New Bath Mat

I cut up several old towels to piece together a cute applique mushroom, quilted it onto a couple other old towels, and now have a brand-new custom bath mat that the kids and I are delighted with.

button on pants

How to Sew a Button Back on Your Pants

Fortunately, sewing a button back on your pants is a super easy and low-fuss skill that requires only a basic amount of hand-eye coordination. Anyone can do it!

Three Dozen Free Vintage Dress Patterns

Even without the foundation garments, even without the advanced techniques, even without antique tissue paper patterns with an unreasonable waist to bust ratio, you can sew yourself a dress that LOOKS vintage.

face mask

20 DIY Cloth Masks

If you’re just getting started on creating your own cloth masks, or if you’re looking to switch up your go-to pattern–or add a handy accessory, OR make a matching cloth mask for a kid’s teddy bear!–then check out this list of my favorite DIY cloth mask patterns and tutorials.

diy napkins

How To Sew Fat Quarter Cloth Napkins

Everybody knows that paper napkins are a wasteful use of resources, and we ought to ditch them for mealtimes. But the solution isn’t just to wipe your hands on your pants!

hexagon quilt

Two Dozen Hexagon Quilt Ideas

If you think the hexagons, themselves are cute, wait until you see all the absolutely adorable things that you can make from them.

How To Make A DIY Weighted Blanket

It takes some fiddly work and some sewing prowess, but it’s completely possible to DIY your own weighted blanket, and to do so using natural and/or sustainably-sourced materials.

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